Louisville Childrens Museum

Louisville, Kentucky

Children today will never know life without the computer. They will never quite understand certain specific modes of communication or exchange as the virtual world prescribes; for example, barter and trade,the importance of a handshake, or simple body language. Therefore the goal of the Louisville Children’s Museum is to reunite an increasingly unhealthy youth with an embodied knowledge of their senses and the region with which they interact. By doing so, the museum prioritizes a cultural sustainability in parallel with imbibed environmental efforts of the project. We could teach our children about sustainable materials, methods, recycling, or photo voltaic systems, but that doesn’t set a livable example. This museum and exhibit intents to educate the public and its youth on the impact a less disposable lifestyle might make on a city like Louisville, whose atavistic nature hints otherwise.


The museum exhibits are divided into three major focuses: Health and Wellness; Arts and Recreation; and Science and Education. Each lens defines a scope and area within the program, relating to the sensory systems of the human body and their potential to impact our contemporary culture. The program definition brings forward new relationships and juxtapositions, all of which function within small energy budgets.